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“Getz Healthcare provided a great opportunity for me to transition into my new role despite having no previous business analyst skills. I am learning new things all the time.”

Swedish by birth, Martin fell in love with Australia while on a gap year and decided to move here to study information science in 1999. After graduating, he applied for residency and started working as a database administrator and project coordinator. “I began working for Getz Healthcare in 2005,” he explains. “Over time though, my role evolved into much more than database administration. Due to the IT team being small – but highly skilled – it was only natural that I accumulated lots of other IT skills too, such as computer coding, user interface design, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system infrastructure knowledge and general IT support.”

The longer he worked at Getz Healthcare, the more experience he gained with our ERP system and database. This led to the creation of our in-house E-commerce platform, which seamlessly integrates with the ERP system, of which he is particularly proud.

At the start of 2023, an opportunity presented itself that Martin could not resist, prompting him to decide to leave IT and move into a business analyst role. “The reason I made a change after working in IT for the past 20 years was because I wanted to try something different,” he says.  “Getz Healthcare provided a great opportunity for me to transition into this role despite having no previous business analyst skills.”

In his new position, Martin provides analysis using data for the major stakeholders of Getz Healthcare ANZ and presents it in useful and meaningful ways. “There is no typical day,” he maintains. “It seems like things are changing on a regular basis! A fair amount of time goes into querying various data sources, mainly from the two major systems we use in our organisation. Based on the data, reports are generated using the most suitable media available.” 

Following his experience in IT, one of the biggest changes he has seen has been the transition to more people working from home. “A lot more communication is happening in a virtual environment rather than face-to-face communication,” he highlights.

Martin likes the people he works with, who he describes as work-hard, play-hard types. He recalls that after his second interview back in 2005 he was invited to Friday drinks to meet some of the team. “Everyone seemed really relaxed and easy-going,” he says. “I thought to myself, ‘This is going to be a great place to work and learn new skills’.” Reality proved him right.

Martin admires the culture of Getz Healthcare which gives employees the freedom to explore and learn. “I like that I am learning new things, which can be challenging for an old guy like me!” he smiles.

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