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“The key objectives of my role are to answer customer questions effectively, resolve concerns with care and ensure customer orders are processed and dispatched on time.”

Diana Tadic

Diana has over 30 years of experience in customer service within the healthcare sector. After working as a librarian at a Catholic Primary School, she started working for a family-owned medical distributor company that specialised in medical devices as a customer service representative in 1993. During this time, Diana also took on customer service roles in retail environments, diversifying and advancing her skills.

In February 2017, Getz Healthcare acquired the medical distributor company that Diana worked for, and so she became part of our team. It all worked out well for Diana, who said: “I like working here because of the various products and services we distribute in Australia and New Zealand. Also, the people are very friendly, supportive and caring!”

Today, Diana is a Customer Support Officer, providing any support that our customers may need with regards to our products and services. She handles enquiries or concerns via the telephone or email, and is well-placed to provide appropriate solutions or alternatives in a timely manner. Diana additionally plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient processing and timely dispatch of orders, while also lending support to Sales Managers, Product Specialists and Territory Managers. “The key objectives of my role are to answer customer questions effectively, resolve concerns with care and ensure customer orders are processed and dispatched on time.

“A typically day for me means leaving home early around 7am and starting work at 8am. When I arrive at work, I check my emails and then start processing orders and answering customer call enquiries. I will also oversee the unpacking and dispatching of goods to customers and provide executive support to internal and external customers.”

Like any good role, Diana’s position has evolved in the past few years and she has had the chance to take on new tasks. She adds: “Some of my additional responsibilities have been related to inventory – for example, being more involved with stock takes for items like customer consignments, engaging with warehouse and sales teams across Australia. I have also started providing support to customers who are ordering online through our E-store.”

On the subject of change, Diana reflects on what she feels has had the biggest impact on the industry in the past decades: “As you might expect, the biggest changes in the industry happened when Covid hit in early 2020. Many manufacturers had challanges and the delivery of medical devices was delayed for a long time in some cases, which in turn delayed procedures at hospitals and negatively affected patients. During the time of Covid lockdown etc. we tried very hard to offer customers any suitable alternative items that we had in stock at the time. Also during Covid, remote working was a new concept and there was a lot less communication with customers as nothing was face-to-face.”

Like Diana, we are glad that things are more normal throughout the healthcare environment and other industries once again, but we remain focused on delivering the best possible customer experience every single day!

When asked what she likes most about her role, Diana commented: “I like it most when I have to respond to complex customer service enquiries. This can be challenging when trying to find a suitable resolution or alternative item due to a shipping delay from manufacturers, for example. This affects patients so it is important that we can find a solution, and it’s rewarding when we do.”

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