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“My focus is on improving the customer experience, making it as easy as possible for them to discover the solutions that they need, ultimately to improve patients’ lives.”

Dave Bennett

Dave has been a valued member of our Getz Healthcare team for some time, having accrued extensive experience within various sales roles in different industries before joining us. In recognition of his skills and expertise, we were delighted that he recently accepted a new role as National Sales Manager for Australia.

About the change, Dave said:  

“I’ve just had a promotion at the age of 57 – and I’m very happy with that. While my career aspirations have always been centred on personal growth and continuous learning, this new role has provided me with an exciting opportunity to dive into a dynamic and fulfilling learning experience. My focus is improving the customer experience, making it as easy as possible for them to discover the solutions they need to make their everyday lives easier and the treatment they provide more predictable, ultimately to improve patients’ lives.” 

We all take different pathways and have different experiences as we find our way in the world of work. Looking back, Dave reflects on some of the career advice he has received over the years and offers his own top 3 that others may find helpful: 

“Firstly, don’t dwell on anything for too long. Secondly, bad news doesn’t get better with time – act on it right away. And finally, we are only on this Earth for a very short time – enjoy it or change it! Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere if you’re not actually trying to improve your situation.” 

We are proud to offer a diverse range of products and services to the healthcare profession. Dave reflects on which he feels are most in demand right now and what he wishes more clients knew and took advantage of: 

“Within my portfolio, operating theatre consumable products seem to be in the highest demand. We have also recently launched a new website and e-store which gives customers a much better view of the products we offer. This can be very useful when searching for solutions!” 

So, what’s it like working with our organisation? “Getz Healthcare is the best company I’ve worked for by a mile. Everyone genuinely cares about how their colleagues are and I really appreciate being part of such an ethical company that aligns with my own values. This is something I’m most proud of – especially after the turbulence of the past 3 years.” 

Just a few more rapid-fire questions to get to know Dave a little more…

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