Introducing the Utah Medical Range of Gynaecological Electrodes  

It is crucial for gynaecologists and their teams to really understand the equipment they use during electrosurgery procedures. This ensures that they correctly utilise the technology and retain full control during surgery for the best clinical results. 

Every detail should be considered and prepared for ahead of time, emphasising the importance of meticulous treatment planning. There are many nuances that should be optimised in order to deliver safe, predictable and effective electrosurgery. 

For example, the size of the electrodes should be selected based on each individual case – the smaller the electrodes used, the higher the current concentration will be. Similarly, reducing the contact area between an active electrode and the tissue by 10, will increase the current density by 100, without changing any other parameters. It is also important to clean the electrodes of eschar in order to maximise their effect during surgery.i 

Of course, clinicians will want to work with high-performance equipment they trust to consistently deliver precise margins and minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. We can help at Getz Healthcare, as we provide the Utah Medical Products Inc. range of gynaecological electrodes. 

These gynaecological electrodes are purpose-designed to ensure clean margins and minimise the removal of any healthy cervical tissue. They provide truly precise dissection without adverse thermal effects and to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible.      

The industry-leading electrodes are designed for use with a high-quality electrosurgical generator – they are highly recommended for use with the Utah Medical Finesse+ or Finesse II+ Electrosurgical Generators and the Filtresse Smoke Evacuation System to yield optimal results. 

Utah Medical’s Utah Loop Electrodes deliver highly predictable excisional performance for HPV management. They are constructed with an exclusive Safe-T-Gauge design, enabling exceptional depth control when excising lesions. Additionally, the excision wire of the Loop Electrodes is supported to provide extra stability, fixing the electrode in position and avoiding superficial lesion excision or inadequate histopathology.      

Furthermore, the C-LETZ Conization Electrodes feature a uniquely contoured shape that facilitates the precise management of deep endocervical disease. They ensure the removal of a constant thickness specimen to ensure the adequate removal of diseased tissue without risking excision of healthy cervical tissue.    

For added peace of mind that you have the equipment you need to provide safe and precise electrosurgical procedures, discover the Utah Medical range of Gynaecological Solutions on our website or Contact Us today! 


i El-Sayed, M, Mohamed, S, Saridogan, E. Safe use of electrosurgery in gynaecological laparoscopic surgery. The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 2020; 22: 9–20.

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