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“Customer experience is paramount. Regular training, prompt service, and a consultative sales approach help us exceed customer expectations.”

Con Constantinou

Con has accrued many years of experience within the healthcare sector, where he has undertaken various roles and responsibilities. Summarising his career prior to joining Getz Healthcare in January 2023, he says: “My career spans over a decade in the medical device sector, with progressive roles from a sales representative to leadership positions. I’ve specialised in introducing innovative surgical devices to the market, enhancing surgical outcomes and patient care."

With extensive knowledge and understanding of the medical device market, Con has been an excellent addition to the Getz Healthcare sales team. He was just as pleased to be associated with the organisation, commenting: "When I joined Getz Healthcare, I was attracted by its reputation for innovation and excellence in the medical devices field. What I appreciate most is the company’s commitment to quality and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies that genuinely make a difference in healthcare."

As a Sales Manager in the Surgical Division, Con is focused on driving sales growth, leading and mentoring the sales team, and establishing strong relationships with healthcare professionals. He continues:

“My role has evolved significantly since I joined, from focusing on direct sales to strategic oversight – strategic planning and execution to ensure we meet our targets are now a significant aspect of my role. This includes integrating digital tools for sales efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and a greater emphasis on partnership-building with healthcare providers.

“Customer experience is paramount. I ensure this by maintaining a deep understanding of our products and the needs of healthcare professionals. Regular training, prompt service, and a consultative sales approach help us exceed customer expectations.”

Like many members of the sales team, Con enjoys diversity in his day-to-day work with Getz Healthcare. He adds:

"I relish the dynamic nature of my role – every day brings new challenges and opportunities to innovate. The Getz Healthcare team is also excellent, with a diverse group of passionate, dedicated professionals. We share a common goal of making a difference in healthcare, which fosters a collaborative and supportive environment. The most challenging aspect of my role is navigating the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, requiring constant adaptation and learning. 

"A typical day involves team briefings, customer meetings, strategy sessions, and performance analysis. Balancing between driving sales, team development, and operational management is crucial."

The surgical product portfolio from Getz Healthcare incorporates solutions designed to streamline professional workflows, enhance the patient experience and optimise treatment results. Con adds: "The greatest benefit of Getz Healthcare solutions available today lies in the reliability and innovation of our products. Professionals can enhance surgical precision, efficiency, and outcomes, which ultimately benefits patient care. 

"The surgical field is set to become more technologically advanced, with a focus on minimally invasive techniques and robotics. Staying ahead of these trends is crucial for us to continue providing solutions that meet the future needs of healthcare professionals.”

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