Navigating Technical Support Challenges for Medical Equipment: Finding the Right Technical Service Partner

Technical services and support are essential for all medical healthcare providers. The equipment they use every day can literally mean the difference between life and death for patients, so they need to know that it is functioning correctly. Another benefit is that fully operational technology will streamline workflows and facilitate productivity, meaning more patients can be offered a higher quality of care.

Of course, there are an array of potential aspects that can affect the standard of technical support that can be delivered to healthcare providers. For many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), the option of outsourcing technical service contracts can ensure higher quality and more consistent support for customers, without the need for substantial and on-going in-house investment. Here are some of the areas to consider:

Technical Expertise

The development and maintanence of cutting-edge medical devices require a high level of technical expertise. That’s why many OEMs work with external organisations to cater for customers’ servicing needs. You can tap into the specialised engineering knowledge and skills that experts in the field offer, which is far beyond anything you are likely to have in-house.

Cost Management

Technology is always changing and software is constantly evolving. Regularly training an in-house team of engineers is costly and can put a strain on already tight budgets. Plus, costs can vary, especially right now given the turbulence of the economic landscape. Outsourcing the responsibility of equipment maintenance to a specialised team who have an industry-wide understanding of equipment, its functionality and the challenges faced on the ground, is more cost-effective and beneficial for you. There may also be the opportunity to manage monthly budgets more effectively.

Resource Constraints

Another difficulty OEMs face is that they may not have the physical space, equipment or team members to accommodate all biomedical engineering services and maintenance options. This means that there will nearly always be situations where external organisations must be consulted to cater to customers’ queries or technical difficulties. Outsourcing everything can make the process smoother, more consistent and more economical – for you and your customers. Furthermore, this allows you to focus on your core products and services, building on your industry strengths and partnering with other leaders in the field to ensure your customers are properly supported.

Global Expansion

For OEMs looking to expand into international markets, outsourcing for technical support can offer valuable local expertise and market access. Not only can this help you to navigate what can be very complex regulatory and distribution challenges, but it also means that customers in new markets receive a relevant, carefully tailored servicing and support package from the beginning.

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