Introducing buddy lite® - The Ultimate Solution for Combating Hypothermia During Patient Transport

Delivering effective treatment for trauma outside of hospital settings poses significant challenges for healthcare professionals. The complex nature of trauma can lead to a rapid cascade of conditions, underscoring the critical importance of immediate temperature and fluid management. Belmont Medical Technologies is at the forefront of providing solutions for such situations. 
Belmont Medical Technologies is a specialist in developing and supplying life-saving fluid warming and temperature regulation devices. These technologies play a vital role in an array of traumatic situations and during patient transport, delivering essential care that saves lives. They offer simple, effective and reliable treatment, even in the most extreme conditions such as massive trauma or military settings.  
The buddy lite® by Belmont Medical Technologies is a portable blood and fluid warmer. It's user-friendly, compact and lightweight, helping to keep patients warm during fluid administration. Setting it up takes less than a minute and with a single charge, it can warm up to 4.4 litres of fluid from 20°C to 38°C (+/- 2°C). Safety features include a one-way valve to prevent backflow, a valve to prevent air entrainment, a fluid flow clamp for quick stoppage and a pressure regulating valve to prevent over-pressurisation of the fluid line. It is widely regarded as one of the best devices of its kind. 
The buddy lite system is designed to be small and compact, allowing for easy storage in medical response bags and compartments. Its portability enables medical professionals to prevent hypothermia in a wide range of patients and deliver warmed fluids or blood in the field. For cases where AC power is available, the buddy lite AC extends the warming capability of the buddy lite system, allowing for continuous use during long transportation. This feature proves especially useful in emergency transport vehicles, particularly in remote areas where patient transport times can exceed an hour. The buddy lite AC seamlessly switches between AC and battery power, ensuring uninterrupted fluid resuscitation efforts.  
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