Elevating the Quality of Patient Care: The Role of Medical Equipment Maintenance

There are many reasons why it is important to look after your medical equipment. Whether you provide general healthcare directly to patients, or specialist services in collaboration with other medical establishments, you need your equipment to keep working effectively. Here are some of the top five aspects to consider…

Patient Safety

The most important reason to look after medical equipment is to promote patient safety. From imaging units to life support machines, air compressors and operating theatre systems, all equipment must be working correctly in order to avoid causing unnecessary harm to any patients. This is also important to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to achieve accurate diagnostics and predictable treatment outcomes. 

Efficiency and Productivity

Regular equipment maintenance and servicing also keeps technology running efficiently, which means workflows are optimised. Not only does this make everyday tasks faster and easier for the clinical team, but it also boosts productivity and enables more patients to be seen within a set timeframe. For private businesses, there is the added benefit of increased profitability too.

Risk of Downtime

If equipment is not properly inspected and carefully maintained, the risk of malfunctions and breakdowns increases significantly. Not only does this negatively impact the productivity and profitability of the organisation, but it also interrupts patient care and decreases the speed and efficiency with which individuals are treated. In a world when early diagnosis and medical intervention are essential for the highest possible survival rates, such delays during the care pathway could be detrimental.

Equipment Lifespan 

Further improving efficiency, consistency of patient care and cost-effectiveness, technical servicing also extends the lifetime of equipment. This means that it will operate safely for longer, giving your facility maximum return on investment, while enabling staff to continue working with equipment they are familiar with. In addition, if new equipment is installed less frequently, this means less interference in the everyday workflow and the patient experience.

Quality of Care

Ultimately, the maintenance of medical equipment is essential for the delivery of high standards of patient care. Your reputation as a healthcare/service provider will improve and your team will face one less source of stress when at work.

Providing all of the above benefits and more, the Getz Healthcare Technical Services team offers an unparalleled level of support for all your medical equipment. The Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repairs services deliver preventive maintenance on a wide range of technologies to manufacturer’s specifications, alongside repairs and remote support, electrical safety testing, equipment pre-checks and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Support. The team of 30+ fully trained engineers also provide 24/7 emergency call outs and a best-in-class asset management system for complete peace of mind.

To keep all your essential equipment running as safely and efficiently as possible, be sure to implement regular and preventive maintenance with a team you can trust! Learn more on our Website or Contact Us today. 


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