What are the benefits of Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres?

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What are Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres?  

Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres are precisely calibrated drug-eluting microspheres. Indicated for the controlled embolisation of blood vessels supplying primary hypervascular tumours or metastases in the liver. Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres deliver a sustained drug release and are available in three sizes, 40μm, 75μm and 100μm, in single unit syringes with a choice of 2ml or 3ml of product. 


What are the benefits of Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres? 

Precise calibration  

The Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres range are precisely calibrated, small microspheres, which are sized for specific tumour penetration with three unique microsphere sizes (40μm, 75μm and 100μm), ≤95 per cent of which are within the specified range.  

The precise calibration of the microspheres also allows for the delivery of more microspheres than competitors in the same product volume, as well as decreases risk of premature vessel occlusion for deep targeted embolisation. Additionally, the greater number of small microspheres (≤100μm) facilitates deeper penetration and increased spatial density for homogenous tumour coverage.  


Controlled drug elution 

Varian Embozene Tandem Microspheres deliver a sustained drug elution, which may lead to a prolonged and higher intratumoural concentration.1,2,3 Additionally, controlled drug elution may result in lower systemic drug levels.1  

With a fast drug loading time with a 50mg/ml loading capacity, Varian Embozene Tandem Microsphere sizes remain stable after loading with drugs (with size change typically ≤5 per cent with doxorubicin or irinotecan).  


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