Vigeo Biomarc: safe and reliable breast tissue marking

A globally-distributed biomedical company, Vigeo source, distributes and manufactures a wide range of biomedical products and technologies which deliver advanced healthcare solutions for use in biopsies, breast care and implantable tissue markers and other specialist needles 


Introducing the Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker  

Delivering a dependable solution for breast biopsies and breast tissue marking for breast surgeries, procedures and radiation therapy, the Vigeo Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker is indicated for the radiographic marking of soft breast tissue during a surgical procedure or for future surgical procedures. The indications of the Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker include marking after removal of a tumour, marking microcalcification area after a breast vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB), marking of suspicious breast lesions after a critical core biopsy, and orientation for planning radiation therapy.  


What are the benefits of the Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker? 

Vigeo’s Biomarc Breast Tissue Markers have been purposefully designed for safe, reliable and precise placement during core biopsies and soft tissue marking procedures. The devices feature exceptional biocompatibility with clear imaging characteristics and visibility for mammography, ultrasound and MRI, as well as minmial interference with MRI visualisation, and no interference with Tomosynthesis visualisation. The barbell-shaped Biomarc devices are uniquely shaped to prevent migration and improve procedural precision, as well as having no hypersensitivity or allergy responses reported. 


Key size configurations of the Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker 

In partnership with Vigeo, Getz Healthcare supply the Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker to medical professionals in a range of shape and sizes depending on your needs. Biomarc is compatible with all VAB systems and also provides percutaneous access solutions. 


To purchase the Vigeo Biomarc Breast Tissue Marker in a variety of configurations, visit the Getz Healthcare website

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