The OmniGuide IntelliGuide CO2 Laser System delivers high-precision excellence for minimally invasive surgeries

Dedicated to improving surgical outcomes, OmniGuide design and manufacture advanced laser surgical systems which safely deliver energy and result in the preservation of healthy tissue. OmniGuide’s portfolio of CO2 lasers are considered the gold standard of precise surgical tissue cutting. The performance of its revolutionary lasers is enhanced and complemented by OmniGuide’s instrumentation which utilise proprietary flexible fibre technology.  


What is the OmniGuide IntelliGuide CO2 Laser System

The OmniGuide IntelliGuide CO2 Laser System is a high-precision CO2 laser that offers a complete advanced energy delivery system. Designed to effectively deliver improved minimally invasive CO2 laser surgical outcomes, the IntelliGuide can be used for procedures in Gynaecology, Head and Neck (ENT), Otolaryngology and Otology. 

The IntelliGuide CO2 Laser System features multiple modes of operation and exposure, including continuous wave, single pulse, and repeated pulse in both superpulse and non-superpulse. Throughout procedures the IntelliGuide maintains a controlled flow of helium through the hollow core laser fibre to ensure that the core is kept cool and that the surgical field is kept clear of blood, smoke and other fluids.  


What are the OmniGuide BeamPath Fibres

The IntelliGuide utilises OmniGuide’s BeamPath flexible fibre technology. Uniquely constructed to deliver maximum performance and operational safety, OmniGuide’s range of BeamPath Fibres are polymer-based and purpose-designed for specialist laser surgeries. Designed for use in otology surgery, the OmniGuide BeamPath OTO-S and OTO-M Fibres feature an intuitive hand-held design which allows for optimal navigation around critical middle ear anatomy.  

The BeamPath OTO-S Fibres are designed for primary and revision stapes surgery. They are ideal for use to access and precisely resect the stapes tendon and crus, and to safely form a rosette in the footplate with no vibrational trauma to adjacent structures. The BeamPath OTO-M system is an atraumatic, no-touch dissection tool that is ideal for use around the delicate structures of the middle ear. Combined excision, ablation and microvascular coagulation capabilities allow for efficient yet delicate layer-by-layer removal of diseased tissue with no vibrational trauma to the adjacent ossicular chain. 

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