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With a history of innovation dating back to the 1950s, Strub is an industry leader in the manufacturing of products related to the collection, preparation and distribution of blood—including an extensive range of blood donor chairs and beds designed for mobile blood donations.  

Strub’s collection of mobile blood donor chairs and beds provides blood collection centres and providers with greater flexibility and mobility. With its full range of mobile blood donor chairs and beds, all of which are made to high-quality standards and can be quickly adjusted to the Trendelenburg position for recovery as needed,  

Strub provides an optimised solution to every mobile blood donation situation.  


Discover the Strub Mobile Donor Chair range:

JONDAL Blood Donor Chair 

The lightest design of the Strub Blood Donor Chair range, the JONDAL Blood Donor Chair’s light and compactable design makes the chair easy to move and transport. The JONDAL features fully removable armrest holders and a PVC-mesh canvas, with the option to add upholstery to the seating area. 


COMPACT 9.8 Blood Donor Chair 

The strong and compact design of the COMPACT 9.8 Blood Donor Chair makes it a great option for frequent transport and reduced spaces. The COMPACT 9.8 features a GP+ System (foot lever) to control its adjustable backrest, and is available in two versions: Light, with a back and seat in PVC-mesh, and Standard, with a 1cm-thick back and seat upholstery. 


LONGCHAIR Blood Donor Chair 

A highly comfortable option for both short and long blood donations, the LONGCHAIR Blood Donor Chair also features the GP+ System to control its adjustable backrest. The LONGCHAIR is available in three versions: Light, with a back and seat in PVC-mesh; Standard, with a 1cm-thick back and seat upholstery; and Comfort, with a 3cm-thick back and seat upholstery. 


Discover the Strub Mobile Donor Bed range: 

EMS7 Blood Donor Bed 

One of the first mobile beds for blood donation designed by Strub, the EMS7 Blood Donor Bed takes up minimal space when folded for easy transport. The EMS7 is also available in three versions: Light, with comfortable upholstery; Standard, with 1cm-thick upholstery that can be easily switched; and Advantage, which allows for blood donation access from both sides. 


EURECA Blood Donor Bed 

Featuring a comfortable design and the GP+ System for adjustment, the EURECA Blood Donor Bed is easy to pack up and transport, and features a slim design that is appropriate for reduced spaces.  


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