Medimaps’ TBS iNsight (Osteo): an advanced imaging software application for bone densitometers (DXA)

A global leader in medical software analytics, Medimaps develops and manufactures medical software applications in the fields of osteopathic medicine, orthopaedics and dentistry—including the company’s flagship product, the TBS iNsight (Osteo).  


What is TBS iNsight (Osteo)? 

TBS iNsight (Osteo) is an imaging software application designed for use with bone densitometers (DXA). Used within the field of osteopathic medicine to aid in the assessment of bone structure and the prediction of fracture risk associated with osteoporosis, TBS iNsight (Osteo) seamlessly integrates into, and improves upon, existing DXA protocols. TBS iNsight (Osteo) software assists in the assessment of the microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue by calculating a Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) to provide advanced analysis and insights into trabecular bone microarchitecture.  


How does TBS iNsight (Osteo) work? 

TBS iNsight (Osteo) software is easily installed on most DXA machines. The software application works by using the 2D DXA images produced during a regular spine Bone Mineral Density (BMD) scan to seamlessly compute patients’ TBS. The TBS is then seamlessly integrated into the current workflow as a complement to a DXA analysis. 

The result provides detailed information regarding patients’ trabecular bone microarchitecture, which is displayed in an automatic ‘TBS report’. The TBS report produced by TBS iNsight (Osteo) is highly correlated with bone microarchitecture parameters, biomechanical behaviour and bone strength, independently of bone mineral density (BMD), clinical risk factors and FRAX. 

By providing additional risk information (a combination of TBS, BMD and FRAX) that complements other determinations of fracture risk from DXA bone density and clinical risk factors, TBS iNsight (Osteo) provides incredibly useful additional clinical information as to the microarchitecture of the bone, and a more comprehensive overview of patients’ bone health. 


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