Introducing the AngioDynamics Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation System

As an innovative leader in the field of interventional oncology, AngioDynamics provide minimally invasive devices and solutions designed to improve procedural and surgical outcomes. Specially designed to complete up to a 5cm ablation in six minutes, AngioDynamics’ Solero MTA System is indicated for the ablation of soft tissue during open procedures.  


How does the Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) System work? 

Using image guidance such as ultrasound or CT to determine the targeted ablation location, the stainless steel, ceramic-tipped Solero Applicator is inserted into the centre of the intended ablation area. When in optimal position as indicated by image guidance, the desired ablation power can be set on the Solero Generator’s intuitive touchscreen interface and the ablation can be started by either a button on the generator or by the optional footswitch. The Solero Generator timer automatically begins to countdown to zero and the delivered power is displayed to the right of the timer. When the timer reaches zero, the ablation is considered complete. Alternatively, the ablation can be manually stopped at any time using the generator button or footswitch. 


What are the benefits of the Solero MTA System? 

Unique for its impressive capability to complete up to a 5cm ablation in six minutes at max power output, the Solero MTA System features a solid state 2.45Ghz generator and stainless steel applicators with ceramic tips available in 14cm, 19cm and 29cm lengths. The Solero Generator performs reflected energy monitoring which provides feedback on ablation efficiency. It also features an integrated peristaltic pump with continuous device cooling capacity. 

The Solero Applicator has a design that is rigid enough to provide tractability and is small enough for precision in minimally invasive procedures.  


To discover more about the AngioDynamics Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation System, visit the Getz Healthcare website today. 

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