Getz Healthcare delivers safe and effective solutions for neonatal intensive care

Getz Healthcare partners with Utah Medical to deliver safe and effective solutions for neonates and infants. As a developer and manufacturer specialising in healthcare for women and babies, Utah Medical is globally recognised as a high-quality specialty medical device provider.  

Utah Medical’s Neonatal Intensive Care product line features a complete range of healthcare solutions for neonates and infants—from urinary drainage and dialysis to blood filtration. 


Utah Medical Hemo-Nate Blood Filtration System 

The Utah Medical Hemo-Nate Blood Filtration System is designed to reduce risk of pulmonary distress and overburdening of underdeveloped neonatal vasculature after the infusion of frequently administered small volumes of blood, blood components and other fluids in neonatal and paediatric patients. The Hemo-Nate Filter is a disposable 18-micron filter that has high microaggregate retention yet allows viable blood products to pass through with ease.  


Utah Medical Uri-Cath Urinary Catheter Set 

A gentle urinary drainage solution for babies in the NICU, the Utah Medical Uri-Cath Urinary Catheter Set is a complete urinary drainage system for neonatal and paediatric patients. The Uri-Cath features a sterile closed system that can obtain accurate urine outputs. The full set consists of a pre-connected silicone urinary drainage catheter, a three-way stopcock for sampling, and a 150ml burette to assess accurate urine output measurements. Featuring a soft silicone material to minimise urethral irritation and encrustation, and a soft, rounded tip to reduce trauma during insertion, the Uri-Cath has been designed with optimal safety and comfort in mind.  


Utah Medical Dialy-Nate Peritoneal Dialysis Set 

The only pre-assembled peritoneal dialysis set designed for neonates, the Utah Medical Dialy-Nate Peritoneal Dialysis Set is a cost-effective solution for neonatal and paediatric dialysis. The sterile and closed peritoneal dialysis system presents a safe way to treat neonates, because smaller infants can ill afford to lose the blood volume necessary to prime the haemodialysis blood circuit. Available with either a bonded helical warming coil for use with a K-Pad, or with uncoiled tubing for use in a blood or fluid warmer, the Dialy-Nate is an all-in-one solution that both saves time and provides a safer and more effective option for neonatal peritoneal dialysis.  


To learn more about the Getz Healthcare range of Utah Medical solutions for neonatal intensive care, visit our website.

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