Enhance the donor experience with Scinomed Plasma Collection Machine (iPCM)

A leader in the field of blood transfusion medicine, Scinomed is an innovative medical company that develops and produces globally distributed blood collection and processing products. The Scinomed Plasma Collection Machine (iPCM) harnesses innovative Scinomed technology to effectively separate and collect plasma.  


How does the Scinomed Plasma Collection Machine (iPCM) work? 

The iPCM is a blood component separation and collection machine which uses computer controlled and automated blood separation technology. The iPCM is designed to be used with a single-use disposable set, which provides a sterile pathway for the blood collection, separation and component collection. Components collected by the iPCM include plasma for use in therapeutic transfusion and source plasma. 


What are the main benefits of the iPCM? 

The iPCM uses the latest electro-mechanical concepts to enhance performance and innovative technology to enhance the device’s safety, process efficiency and productivity.  


To improve overall safety, the iPCM features an advanced touchscreen interface, a high visibility warning display, and a design that is simple to use for operators. Additionally, the machine features an OLED donor display to enhance donor awareness and education. The device’s smooth pump operation increases comfort for donors, while radiofrequency identification (RFID) and barcode readers enhance operational compliance. 


With a rapid start-up time and self-test that takes less than 10 seconds, the iPCM performs efficiently. To increase workflow and productivity, the device is integrated into networked donor management systems. Finally, the iPCM’s software-driven technology provides built-in capability and ensures flexibility for the future. 


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