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Catering to a wide range of healthcare and diagnostics services, GE Healthcare’s wide range of innovative products and technologies comprises imaging, ultrasound, anaesthesia delivery, diagnostic ECGs, ventilators, maternal and infant care, patient monitors, healthcare IT and contrast media. 

In the field of surgical imaging, GE Healthcare is a world leader, with a collection of mobile C-arms with applications ranging from office-based labs and chest imaging to vascular, cardiac and general surgery. Each product from the GE Healthcare mobile C-arm range is uniquely designed to provide the mobility and flexibility required by surgical imaging. 


GE Healthcare OEC One Mobile C-arm

This all-in-one mobile C-arm delivers exceptional imaging capabilities and image processing advancements. The OEC One is advantageous for its greater visibility of images and quick image adjustment. 


GE Healthcare OEC One CFD  

The OEC One CFD compact mobile C-arm combines high image quality with the clinical versatility needed from a compact mobile C-arm. The OEC One CFD delivers 1:1 image detail from a CMOS flat detector (CFD) to a 4K 27” image display monitor. 


GE Healthcare OEC Elite  

The OEC Elite is a premium surgical imaging C-arm which is ideally suited to a wide range of surgical applications. The OEC Elite delivers an optimised experience by combining high image quality with enhanced operational ease and efficiency. 


GE Healthcare OEC Elite CFD  

The OEC Elite CFD with CMOS flat panel detector technology improves upon the premium surgical imaging C-arm experience. The OEC Elite CFD delivers high image clarity at a low dose to improve clinical versatility for complex patients and case mix, and to provide an optimised surgical workflow. 


GE Healthcare OEC Elite MiniView  

The OEC Elite MiniView features a lightweight carbon fibre mini C-arm, designed to improve workflow for extremity surgeons. The OEC Elite MiniView is capable of achieving optimal positioning and quickly shifting from AP to lateral and axial views to help drive procedural efficiency and a better mini C-arm experience. 

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