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A globally recognised medical technology company, CONMED develops and manufactures surgical and patient monitoring products. CONMED specialises in the fields of orthopaedic surgery, laparoscopic, robotic and open surgery, gastroenterology and pulmonology, and patient care.  


CONMED manufactures a complete line of quality, disposable Suction Instrumentation and Tubing for use during surgical procedures. The CONMED Suction Instrumentation range features a broad range of sizes and configurations which accommodate a wide spectrum of uses, from microsurgery to vascular and neurological procedures.  


CONMED Bulb Tip Yankauer Suction Instrument 

The CONMED Bulb Tip Yankauer is a rigid Yankauer suction instrument with large lumens to provide rapid aspiration and resist clogging when removing fluid and debris from either a surgical site or body orifice (airway, abdomen, etc.). The Bulb Tip Yankauer is specially designed to aspirate or evacuate fluid and debris during open surgery. 


CONMED Sigmoid Suction Instrument 

The CONMED Sigmoid Suction Instrument is designed primarily for use during sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, and femur suctioning during hip replacements to evacuate blood, fluid and other debris. Featuring ON/OFF suction control to reduce tissue grab and available with pre-attached tubing, the Sigmoid is designed for use with a sigmoidoscope. 


CONMED Poole Suction Instrument 

The CONMED Poole Suction Instrument is designed to evacuate pooled blood, fluid and debris during deep abdominal surgeries and caesarean sections. The Poole Suction Instrument features three versatile positions that quickly convert from gentle sump action to pinpoint suctioning capabilities. The Poole is available on its own or with 1.8m or 3m of pre-attached tubing. 


CONMED Frazier Suction Instruments 

Designed for single-use in open surgical procedures where fine, delicate suctioning is necessary to evacuate debris from the surgical site, CONMED Frazier Suction Instruments have flake-resistant shafts and an obturator to facilitate shaping of the metal and to clear the instrument of obstructions.  


CONMED Frazier Suction Instruments are available in four configurations. The Frazier has a full-size handle, which provides a positive grip. The Baron Frazier has a disc-shaped handle, which provides delicate touch and balance for microsurgery. The Soft-Tip Frazier is ideal for vascular or neurosurgical procedures where vessel trauma is a concern. It features a soft PVC tip, which helps to reduce trauma to reach safely into confined areas. The Olive-Tip Frazier is ideal for suctioning delicate tissue and small body cavities. It provides smooth side eyes to reduce the chance for any tissue trauma. 


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