Balt: pioneering neurointerventional treatments for 45 years

Medical technology company Balt specialises in the treatment of neurovascular diseases. With a history dating back to the invention of the first flow-directed microcatheter in 1977, Balt has since been at the forefront of pioneering innovations in the field of neurointervention. 

Getz Healthcare proudly works in partnership with Balt to distribute a comprehensive range of Balt’s neurointerventional products, including revascularisation devices, intracranial stents, flow diverters, microcatheters and beyond.  


Balt Catchview  

A revascularisation device designed for use in the flow restoration of patients with ischemic stroke due to intracranial vessel occlusion, the Balt Catchview has a Nitinol laser-cut closed cell stent design for optimum treatment. Available in eight sizes, the Balt Catchview devices range from 4mm in diameter and 10mm in length to 6mm in diameter and 50mm in length.  


Balt Leo+ & Balt Leo+ Baby 

The Balt Leo+ and Leo+ Baby are self-expanding intracranial stents that are designed for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms in association with embolisation coils. The devices are made from flexible nickel titanium materials. The Leo+ Baby features a resheathability of up to 90 per cent of deployed length, with low profile capable of treating small arteries down to 1.5mm in diameter. 


Balt Silk Vista & Balt Silk Vista Baby 

The Balt Silk Vista and Silk Vista Baby are self-expandable flow diverters designed for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. The devices ensure an atraumatic and smooth opening of the stent. The Silk Vista Baby is the only flow diverter deliverable through a 0.017” microcatheter. 


Balt Sonic 

A detachable tip microcatheter, the Balt Sonic is designed for prolonged liquid embolic injection intended for selective and hyper selective vascular catheterisation for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Compatible with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), the Balt Sonic features progressive suppleness down to 1.2F and a detachable patented catheter tip to reduce excessive traction on the neurovasculature. 


Balt Magic 

The Balt Magic is a flow dependent microcatheter intended for selective and hyper selective vascular catheterisation for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Featuring a unique alloy combination of PURSIL and TORVER to deliver optimal resistance and flexibility, the Balt Magic is compatible with cyanoacrylate glue and the Balt SPIF Coil. The smallest tip size of the Balt Magic range allows for very distal intracerebral hyper selective catheterisation of vessels down to less than 1mm in diameter. 


Balt Squid - Liquid Embolic

Balt Emboflu Squid is a non-adhesive liquid embolic agent indicated for the embolisation of lesions in the peripheral and neurovasculature, including arteriovenous malformations and hypervascular tumours. Balt Squid is compatible with the Balt Sonic (detachable tip microcatheter) and the Balt Eclipse 2L (double-lumen balloon microcatheter).


Balt Optima

Balt Optima™ Coil System is designed to endovascularly obstruct or occlude blood flow in abnormalities of the peripheral and neuro-vasculature. Providing instantaneous detachment in less than 1 second.


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