Balt delivers a range of hyper compliant occlusion remodeling balloon catheters

Balt is a pioneer in innovative products and technologies for the treatment of stroke, aneurysms and other interventional neurovascular procedures. Balt’s complete range of hyper compliant occlusion balloons have been designed to fit to any aneurysm—either sidewall, terminal or bifurcation—during remodeling techniques.  

Getz Healthcare partners with Balt in distributing its collection of hyper compliant occlusion balloon catheters. 

Balt Copernic RC 

The Balt Copernic RC is a venous remodeling balloon designed for use in the neurovasculature and peripheral system to temporarily stop or control blood flow to treat vasospasms and embolisation of aneurysms with balloons.  

The Balt Copernic RC provides exceptional visibility due to 2RX markers providing the balloon length and can be used in parallel with a coiling microcatheter in a single 6F guiding catheter (the Balt FARGOMAX6F). The Balt Copernic RC is also compatible with the Balt Hybrid14D guidewire, which ensures support and trackability during treatment. 

Balt Eclipse 2L   

The Balt Eclipse 2L is a dual lumen balloon catheter designed for use in the peripheral vasculature and neurovasculature to provide temporary vascular occlusion, vasospasm treatment, balloon assisted embolisation, administration of diagnostic agents (contrast solution), and therapeutic agents that are intended for use in the peripheral vasculature and neurovasculature for temporary occlusion. 

The Balt Eclipse 2L’s broad treatment options allow for the delivery of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) liquid embolics, coils and stents. The device’s unique flat catheter design with two separate lumens (inflation tube and infusion catheter) improves navigational performance and allows for inflation and deflation, while visibility is greatly improved as a result of its mixed saline solution of 50 per cent contrast minimum.  

To learn more about the Balt range of hyper compliant occlusion remodeling balloon catheters, click here.

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