What venous health issues can VENCLOSE treat?

A revolutionary RF ablation system, VENCLOSE is indicated for the treatment of symptoms caused by chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). 

What is CVI?
CVI is a condition that occurs when leg veins disallow blood to effectively flow back towards the heart. Healthy veins contain working one-way valves, which work to keep blood flowing upwards to the heart. CVI occurs when these valves become damaged and stop working effectively to pump blood upwards. Blood ‘leaks’ backwards through the damaged values, which can result in blood pooling in the lower legs and cause several venous health issues. 

Causes of CVI
Estimated to affect around 10 percent of adults, there are several factors which can increase a person’s likelihood of developing CVI. Lifestyle factors, such as long-term reduced mobility, extended periods of sitting or standing, and the general effects of ageing, increase likelihood of developing CVI. Obesity is a major factor that can cause CVI, while pregnancy, and multiple pregnancies in particular, increases CVI risk. Family history of venous health issues can also increase one’s likelihood of developing the condition. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition caused by the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein, often in the leg, can also cause CVI to occur.

Symptoms of CVI
Without effective treatment, it is likely that the signs and symptoms of CVI will worsen over time. Symptoms include:

•    Varicose veins
•    Heaviness, aching, tightness or fatigue
•    Discomfort, pain or swelling
•    Restlessness or cramping
•    Numbness or itching
•    Skin texture or colour changes
•    Ulcers or poor wound healing

When left untreated, swelling and pressure in the veins increase, which can result in further complications, such as in burst capillaries, internal tissue damage, and venous stasis ulcers or open sores. 

Treatment of CVI: VENCLOSE
Endovenous thermal ablation is an effective and minimally invasive treatment solution for CVI, which utilises radiofrequency (RF) ablation to create intense local heat that shrinks and closes the affected veins. VENCLOSE is a technologically advanced RF ablation system which features a catheter with two different segments that can be heated separately to ensure a more accurate and streamlined procedure. The catheter features a 10cm heating coil for treatment of the great saphenous vein (GSV), and a 2.5cm heating coil, which can be used to precisely treat the last short section of the GSV, as well as smaller branch veins and refluxing tributary veins.  

To learn more about VENCLOSE for the treatment of CVI, visit our website.

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