VENCLOSE’s Next-Generation Design Improves Venous Health Treatment Outcomes

An industry-leading solution for the streamlined treatment of venous health issues, VENCLOSE features several design advantages over other radiofrequency ablation systems, which allow the technology to deliver improved outcomes for both patients and clinicians.

Minimally invasive procedure

The VENCLOSE system features an improved catheter design which delivers a less invasive procedure for patients. The catheter has 6 French profile and an intelligently curved tip – improvements which result in a smaller catheter entry site and quicker recovery time for patients, as well as enhanced versatility and procedural performance for clinicians.

Shorter procedure time

VENCLOSE’s two heating coil sections enable faster procedural performance, resulting in a shorter procedure time for patients, and streamlined, more cost-effective outcomes for clinicians. How does it work? The VENCLOSE catheter features both a 2.5cm and a 10cm heating coil section. These sections can be individually activated to deliver thermal energy to different sections of treated veins with greater precision. The design has been shown to reduce total in-vein time by more than 30 per cent.  

Treat multiple veins with one catheter

Another advantage of the VENCLOSE 2.5cm heating coil section is that it enables the treatment of multiple types of veins during one treatment. The 2.5cm section is able to effectively treat smaller sections of the great saphenous vein, including the last short section near the sheaf. Furthermore, it has the ability to treat branch veins, such as the anterior accessory saphenous vein, as well as refluxing tributary veins during the same treatment. This offers greater versatility for clinicians and eliminates the need to use multiple catheters during the procedure.

Places focus on the patient

The VENCLOSE radiofrequency generator is designed with the intention to streamline procedural performance and place the clinician’s focus back on the patient. The generator features an easy-to-use catheter connection port to allow for quick and easy ‘blind’ plug-in of the catheter. The generator delivers audible tones indicating thermal delivery to allow the clinician to stay visually focused on the patient, and its touchscreen display shows real-time procedural data to assist in informing treatment decisions.

For more information on how the VENCLOSE system design improves venous health outcomes, visit our website.

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