VEINOPLUS: From Venous Health to Sport Recovery

Treat a range of venous health conditions with the VeinOPlus®, an efficient, user-friendly device designed with the patient in mind. Utilising electrostimulation of the calf to restore healthy blood flow to the heart, the device reduces the symptoms and causes of venous health conditions such as:

-    Varicose Veins
-    Arterial Disease
-    DVT Prevention
-    Sport Recovery

The VeinOPlus® device sends electrical pulses through two electrode pads applied to one or both calves. Such pulses mimic those from the central nervous system, causing the calf muscles to contract. These pulses promote fresh blood flow and oxygenation to muscles in the lower limbs.
This portable, battery powered device is the perfect multipurpose addition to your clinic. It ensuring safety, efficacy, and efficiency all in one user-friendly device.

The VeinOPlus is clinically proven to provide real results for a range of conditions:
-    88% user satisfaction*

*In latest user survey of 100 people (from old downloadable guide)
-    30 Patients in a clinical treatment group with Venous Leg Ulcers saw a significant reduction within 90 days of treatment
-    Researchers observed a 3-fold increase in the number of healed venous ulcers** 

VeinOPlus: the ultimate post-workout recovery
Whilst the VeinOPlus can treat a range of venous health conditions, the device also excels at 
promoting recovery after intense physical activity. The electrostimulation delivered through the device encourages venous return (the flow of blood out of the leg veins), therefore promoting fresh arterial blood flow into the lower limbs. 
When used after exercising, the fresh oxygen and blood that is transferred to the muscles can help to accelerate recovery.

With the versatility of the VeinOPlus you can expand your clinic’s offerings without breaking the bank. The portable device can be taken home by clients following their consultation, ensuring maximum results even outside of clinic hours.

To learn more about how to expand your clinic’s offerings with VeinOPlus, follow this link to our website

** Study published in international Angiology 2015 Jun; 34(3):257-62. Conducted by representatives of the Russian State Medical University, department of angiology and vascular surgery, Moscow. (Taken form the ‘abstract book’ VeinoPlus clinical study guide)

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