The New Solution to Arterial Disease Recovery

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a disorder characterised by stenosis and/or occlusion (narrowing of blood vessels or organs) of large and medium sized arteries. These narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to limbs, meaning the body does not generate the amount of blood flow that the body demands. More commonly affecting the lower limbs, people with PAD may experience leg pain whilst walking, cramping or fatigue. It is estimated that between 8.5 and 12 million Americans are affected by PAD currently. 

Current treatments for PAD seek to manage symptoms and stop the progression of atherosclerosis (the build-up of substances such as fat and plaque in and on the artery walls). While in more mild cases, lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, exercising, and maintaining a healthy diet are an effective treatment, oftentimes medications need to be taken to treat PAD. Such medications include those which seek to:
-    Lower cholesterol
-    Reduce blood pressure
-    Control blood sugar
-    Prevent blood clots 
In severe cases, Angioplasty and surgery may be necessary. 

VeinOPlus®: the new solution to PAD?
Getz Healthcare’s new clinically proven, portable device, VeinOPlus® may be the solution to PAD that your clinic needs. VeinOPlus® stimulates the calf muscles through electrostimulation which causes them to contract and in turn returns healthy blood flow to the heart. Because the VeinOPlus® is portable, it is the perfect way for patients to manage symptoms of PAD from the comfort of their own home.

The VeinOPlus® sends electrical pulses through the two electrode pads that can be applied to one or both calves. These pulses promote fresh blood flow and oxygenation to muscles through mimicking the pulses generated from the central nervous system. This can in turn help with symptoms of PAD through filling the body’s demand for blood flow. Furthermore, the VeinOPlus® targets patients’ calves, the key areas affected by PAD and is therefore an even more effective treatment that is also:
-    Non-invasive
-    Comfortable 
-    Quick and portable 

To enhance your clinic through providing effective treatment and prevention for arterial disease recovery, purchase VeinOPlus® on our website today.

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