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“My key objective on any day is really to provide value by building an opportunity pipeline for more business development.”

Territory Manager / Interventional Division

Having now been part of the Getz Healthcare Interventional Sales Team for more than four years, Mia Rada moved into her current role as Interventional Territory Manager following a background in nursing. “I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2008 and went straight into the hospital system as a Registered Nurse in 2009. I worked on and off for eight years in different specialty areas both in Australia and the UK.”

‘’My last role was working in Medical Imaging at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. It kind of led me to where I am today. I loved the Neuro-Interventional aspect of the role, but was ready for a change, and didn’t really know what that involved. On one particular day, I spoke with a Rep about jobs and what it’s like on the ‘dark side'. She said there was a job going for a Neuro Rep, so I jumped at the opportunity and here I am today’’.

When making the move to the team at Getz Healthcare, Mia recalls being attracted to the company by her colleague’s apt description of Getz Healthcare and its values. “While I may have fallen into the role haphazardly, I've come to appreciate the family-type culture that small- to medium-sized businesses offer. And I had a passion for what the role involved and the technologies that Getz Healthcare represents’’.

When starting out, having a base knowledge about the industry and the roles of the Neuro-Interventional Radiologists and Interventional Radiologists helped, explains Mia. In this way, stepping into her role at Getz Healthcare was a rather natural transition following her experience and background in nursing. “Sales was completely new to me, but the healthcare setting is second nature. And we’re told that we sell every day. So, for me, it was a relatively easy transition.”

So, what does a typical day look like? “Up with the sparrows, exercise followed by breakfast, coffee, and Wordle to get the brain firing. I spend the early part of my morning planning or attending customer sites for case support, stock checks, education, etc. But my key objective on any day is really to provide value by building an opportunity pipeline for more business development.”

Mia always knew that she wanted to work in some capacity within the medical field. “From an early age, I always wanted to be a NICU Nurse. So, for me it was straightforward.” Today, working as Interventional Territory Manager at Getz Healthcare, Mia shares that she truly enjoys and values: “Being part of a process, knowing that my efforts have contributed to the end results.’’

Finding new product launches to always be an exciting and rewarding part of her role, Mia describes one of her favourite parts about working with Getz Healthcare as, “just being successful, really, and Getz Healthcare supporting you in the process. They have invested in our LMS platform and in sales training which has helped me with some key self-awareness and benefited me in my daily role.’’ 

Today describing Getz Healthcare as having a ‘connected company culture’, Mia finds balance and collaboration to be key factors for success when working within her team, as well as with colleagues across departments. “Our team is supportive of each other, well balanced, with decades of knowledge, experience, and a diverse skill set.”

How would you describe Getz Healthcare in three words?  Supportive, community, communicative

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