GE OEC One Mobile C-arm

The OEC One is an all-in-one C-arm from GE Healthcare designed to provide exceptional image quality and deliver Clear View images where, when, and how you need them.

The OEC One provides greater visibility of images and quick image adjustment as needed. The OEC One provides three different offerings. Standard Offering utilises automatic intelligent software to sense anatomy and provide high-quality imaging at optimal mA and kV levels.

PM Care Offering achieves accurate anatomical location and records needle positioning during pain management injections with real-time digital subtraction (DSA) and up to 8 fps Cine.

Vascular Offering provides visualisation of fine detail such as a guidewire as small as .014” for peripheral vascular and thoracic regions, and the sharp edge of a vessel in angiography when using Roadmap.

OEC One’s vascular software is designed to reduce lag to allow for accuracy in placing a guidewire, catheter, balloon or stent, and is optimised to reduce noise while excluding background anatomy from an image while imaging blood vessels for angiography and fistulagrams.

  • 27” high resolution image display monitor
  • Extendible, articulating display arm allows monitor to be viewed at close range to surgical field
  • Triple joints provide five ranges of motion to enable efficient and precise positioning of display
  • Synchronised image viewing on primary image display monitor and OEC Touch control panel
  • Easily compare images during the procedure with the OEC One’s Mini ID Panel gallery display
  • OEC Touch control panel provides image adjustment and mode switching right at the system, including adjust image generation, image display, X-ray technique, and vascular preferences
  • Fluorostore button saves the most recent 240 frames of an unsaved acquisition to minimise retakes and eliminate unnecessary additional exposure
  • Laser aimers align anatomy with precision
  • AutoTrak and Auto Brightness allow for a Clear View even when anatomy is not centered
  • OEC One’s automated vascular software utilises Roadmap-2 to allow you to guide vascular instruments within vessels
  • OEC One can easily be transported to other rooms with five-minute standby power

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