LISA Laser RevoLix Laser System

The LISA Lasers RevoLix is the only laser specifically developed for soft tissue surgery.

The device combines the cutting and ablation advantages of a CO2 laser while negating the need for an articulated mirror arm.

The RevoLix has a laser wavelength of 2 micron, similar to Holmium lasers, but the emission from the RevoLix is continuous instead of pulsed.

RevoLix unifies the advantages of formerly existing surgical laser principles in a single unit.

RevoLix tissue effect is shallow like the Holmium laser, however, there is no trauma produced by the laser, and cutting edges are smooth and clean.

In open surgery, there is no splattering. RevoLix achieves excellent hemostasis with no risk of deep tissue penetration and provides excellent tissue vaporisation without a significant decrease in efficiency caused by bleaching of the chromophore.

RevoLix laser system has surgical applications for: Urology Lithotripsy Gynaecology Neurosurgery ENT Pneumology

  • Cutting efficiency of soft tissue and haemostasis is superior to any known alternative
  • Wavelength at 2.0 micron is excellent for incision and vaporization
  • Excess laser radiation is absorbed by the irrigation and does not affect tissue more than 3mm from the tip of the fibre tip. Tissue damage is limited to 0.2 to 1.0mm
  • Visualisation is excellent. Neither bleeding nor visible laser glare affects the vision of the surgical site
  • Requires no blood loss or transfusions
  • Quick patient recovery with less post-operative care
  • Short catheterization time in BPH treatment and ejaculation protective BPH surgery
  • Treatment of patients under anticoagulant
The RevoLix is available as a 150/20 Watt Laser, 120 Watt Laser or 200 Watt Laser

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