Stay Aligned with the New Rules for Cosmetic Surgery Advertising

Significant changes to cosmetic surgery advertising guidelines came into effect on 1 July 2023. The overhaul was announced by the Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) following an independent review. 

The guidelines state how advertising cosmetic surgery should be “honest, balanced, realistic and informative”, protecting the dignity of patients and not exploiting them.i If you are a registered medical practitioner who advertises cosmetic surgery, you must ensure you have revised all relevant communication, whether verbal, printed or digital. This includes websites, social media and advertising/marketing campaigns, also content produced on your behalf and past posts. Fail to comply with the tougher rules and you could be prosecuted through the courts and/or face Board disciplinary processes. 

The new guidelines can be downloaded here. This link also contains key definitions and other resources you may find useful. 


Responsible imaging that supports compliance 

Section 6 covers ‘Use of images including before and after images’. Among others, like consent to take, store and share photos, it sets out best practices for how before and after images must not “mislead the public, idealise cosmetic surgery and/or increase unreasonable expectations”.


The gold standard can protect your patients 

Getz Healthcare presents an array of industry-leading solutions from Canfield Scientific, including both 2D and 3D imaging technologies. 

With applications in face, breast and body aesthetics, the VECTRA H2 all-in-one 3D imaging solution shows clear and concise before and after shots, helping registered medical practitioners advertising cosmetic surgery align with the new regulations. Patients gain an accurate and realistic visualisation of how the outcome could look on them, according to various factors.  

Its innovative features will enable you to obtain high-resolution images that capture skin topography and body contours for realistic assessments, simulations and patient education. If using the Breast Sculptor module, for example, the VECTRA H2’s IntelliStand has positioning templates and backgrounds, and its dynamic technology will closely mirror surgical performance.

The Canfield VISIA is another cutting-edge imaging solution, this time supporting facial and skin analysis. The technology enables consistently repeatable image capture with a module that smoothly rotates around the patient. Skin type classification can be automated and the refined facial feature detection capabilities include quantitative analysis of skin features to support the professional diagnosis. Personalised reports are also generated using easy-to-understand information that improves client communication.  

To learn more about how VECTRA H2 and VISIA or any other imaging equipment from Canfield Scientific could improve your services, CONTACT the Getz Venetix team today!


Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic surgery and procedures. Medical Board/Ahpra, click here

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