VISIA Skin Analysis System enables better consultations and conversion of clients

The seventh-generation release of the VISIA Skin Analysis System by Canfield performs high-quality, targeted facial imaging and comprehensive skin analyses to improve patient skincare consultations and more effectively convert patients to recommended procedures.  


Analyses current, future and possible skin  

Not only does VISIA report and analyse your client’s current skin condition, but the software is also capable of simulating and analysing client’s ‘future skin’ via aging simulations that are based on the latest AI algorithms. Further to this, the system provides simulations of the expected outcome of possible treatments that your clinic offers, tailored to each individual client. 


Assists with patient education and conversion 

The VISIA system produces personalised reports for individual clients, which display their data and skin analyses in an easily digestible way. VISIA also works in combination with Canfield’s ViewMyConsult—a secure web portal which displays client’s data, recommended treatments and treatment progress online at any time. An advantage of VISIA take-home and online reports via ViewMyConsult is that clients can view their report in the comfort of their own home, show friends and family, and revisit their report as often as they would like to when considering undertaking treatment options offered by your clinic. Additionally, VISIA’s skin analysis reports play an integral role in client education about skincare and aesthetic skin treatments which they may be considering.  


Streamlines treatment process and converts patients 

VISIA streamlines treatment planning for clinicians. VISIA’s built-in library of skincare products and treatments enable clinicians to more accurately select personalised recommendations for individual patients, resulting in more tailored and efficient treatments. Additionally, the VISIA iPad Consultation App contributes to improved consultations with clients and assists with client conversion. With the VISIA iPad Consultation App, all VISIA analytics and tools can be accessed instantaneously from anywhere within your office or remotely.  


To discover more about how the VISIA Skin Analysis System can improve your client consultations and conversion rates, visit our website to download our complimentary guide or contact us today.  



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