TRICOPAT: the hair loss solution that delivers clinically proven results

A non-invasive hair loss solution treatment that is comfortable for all patients, TRICOPAT technology has been clinically proven to prevent and reverse hair loss and related scalp conditions in both men and women. 


How does TRICOPAT work? 

TRICOPAT technology works via a combination of patented Skin Patting technology, the delivery of Growth Factors into the dermis and LED light emissions. Firstly, Skin Patting involves a revolutionary new technique in which controlled skin microincisions are applied to the scalp to increase blood microcirculation and stimulate dermis repair processes. Secondly, TRICOPAT’s specialised serum, containing a powerful combination of growth factors, is delivered into the ‘activated’ tissues following ionophoresis (electro stimulation) to enhance absorption. Finally, to optimise the procedure’s efficacy and boost the production of fibroblasts and elastin, red LED light is emitted upon the treated area.  


The TRICOPAT serum which is applied to the scalp via Skin Patting and ionophoresis is formulated with a combination of growth factors that are responsible for stimulating different stages in the hair growth cycle. These include VEGF for maintaining the correct vascularisation of the hair follicle during the anagen growth phase; IGF-I, which regulates cell proliferation and migration during the development of piliferous follicles; B-FGF for inducing the anagen phase in hair follicles and promoting hair growth; KGF for stimulating a more resistant growth of the stem; and EGF, which strengthens the action of fibroblasts on collagen and elastin production.   


Clinically proven efficacy 

In a clinical study involving patients with male and female androgenic alopecia, TRICOPAT was evaluated for efficacy and tolerability. The trial involved 20 patients, 10 male and 10 female, between the ages of 18 to 70 years, who received four treatments at three-week intervals, and whose results were evaluated over a six-month period.  


The verifiable results showed that TRICOPAT is a safe and useful option to treat and prevent androgenic alopecia in both men and women, with the study showing a reduction in hair loss and an increased hair diameter in all areas of the scalp treated. Further to this, the TRICOPAT technique has also been shown to be simple to operate and comfortable for patients. 


To learn more about the efficacy and clinical validation of TRICOPAT, visit our website.  

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