Make Your Consultations Count With The Reveal Imager

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, consultations can make or break a client’s decision to trust your clinic with their treatment needs. As such, maximising your consultation process is crucial to the success of your practice.

Consultations are all about effective communication between you and your client. By clearly communicating relevant procedures – including what they involve and what their results will be – you are helping to eliminate patient doubts, as well as ensuring the procedure aligns with their expectations.

The best way to guarantee that you and your client are both clear about procedural outcomes is through the utilisation of an imaging system. Rather than merely verbally explaining the benefits of particular treatments, imaging systems provide visual aids to tangibly demonstrate the benefits of aesthetic procedures.

The Reveal Imager system has been developed with revolutionary, futuristic technologies to analyse and communicate skin in its current state, what it has the potential to look like, as well as how to get there. Depending on your client’s concerns, Reveal incorporates RBX® Technology, an Aging Simulation and analysis tools designed to communicate procedural outcomes.

Reveal’s RBX® Technology provides visuals of the unique colour signatures of red and brown skin components. By utilising RBX® Technology during consultations, you will be able to clearly demonstrate subsurface melanin and vascular conditions to your patient. This will allow both parties to gauge and discuss what measures might be taken to obtain your patient’s desired aesthetic result.

In addition to RBX® Technology, Reveal offers further simulations and analysis tools for an enhanced consultation experience. The system’s Aging Simulation works by adding or removing spots and wrinkles onto an image of your patient’s complexion. This clearly demonstrates what their skin will look like five to seven years older or younger, allowing you and your patient to decide on next steps accordingly. Additionally, for patients unsure of whether a specific procedure is right for them, Reveal’s analysis tools uses graphic visualisations to evaluate the result of particular treatments.

These technologies all work to communicate treatment outcomes to your clients. By incorporating Reveal Imager into your practice, you are helping bridge the gap between your customer and their desired appearance.

Through a shared ambition to deliver patient driven innovation, Venetix has chosen to partner with global leaders in imaging services, Canfield Scientific, Inc. to offer a complete solution to assist your clinic in redefining the consultation process.

The consultation is the lifeblood of any aesthetic business, so make it count with Reveal Imager.

To understand more about this technology and how it can revolutionise your clinic and patient engagement visit our website and download our brochure today.

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