Getz Venetix delivers next-generation imaging solutions in partnership with Canfield Scientific

Canfield Scientific delivers an extensive portfolio of medical imaging software, photography systems and clinical research services in the field of medical aesthetics. As a globally distributed leader in medical imaging, Canfield Scientific produces technology and products that are customer-centric and utilise the latest technology and AI algorithms. 


As a proud partner of Canfield Scientific, Getz Venetix distributes a wide range of products and software from Canfield Scientific’s ever-evolving portfolio of imaging solutions, which work to improve and streamline processes for clinics and practitioners who work in the medical aesthetic, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and skincare industries.  


Discover the range of Canfield Scientific medical imaging solutions which Getz Venetix distributes: 



Portable imaging solutions that capture high-resolution 3D face, breast and body images, and produce simulations of potential treatment protocols.  



A complete ultra-high-resolution 3D imaging solution for face, breast and body with 360˚ body imaging, circumferential measurements, and simulation protocols. 



An automated full body imaging solution that captures high-resolution 2D body images with studio-quality lighting.  



A facial imaging and analysis tool capable of capturing high-quality, standardised facial images and performing comprehensive skin analyses. 


Reveal Imager 

A portable facial imaging device that reveals skin conditions and concerns (including sun damage, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles) in high-resolution.    



A consumer engagement platform that allows patients to view their consultation images, possible treatment simulations and real treatment outcomes.  



An advanced medical image management software which delivers scalable imaging solutions to enable clinicians to maximise management and analysis of patient images. 



A non-invasive AI-driven hair consultation device that produces real-time imaging and analysis of hair loss and growth to assist with treatment planning and objective outcome monitoring. 


To learn more about the range of Canfield Scientific medical imaging solutions available, please contact the Getz Venetix team to discuss further.

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