Using Tricopat to Treat Scalp Pathologies

Thousands of men and women across Australia suffer from scalp issues that seriously impact their confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, the most effective and efficient treatment for scalp pathologies, Tricopat, is now available to Australian clinics. Utilising the unique TRICOGENESI methodology, Tricopat offers a comfortable and clinically proven treatment with visible, lasting results that your patients will love.

How does Tricopat work?

The advanced TRICOGENESI methodology of Skin Patting behind Tricopat is unparalleled in its efficacy. By combining concurrent skin micro-incision and pressure waves, a number of dynamic restructuring actions are achieved:
·    Enhanced tissue oxygenation due to an increase in blood microcirculation
·    Stimulation cellular metabolism in the scalp tissue
·    Transdermal delivery of active ingredients
As a result, patients will experience significant improvement of androgenic alopecia symptoms, with reduced hair loss and increased hair diameter in all treated scalp areas.

Unlike other clinical scalp treatments, Skin Patting is safe, minimally-invasive and painless without compromising on quality results. This is possible due to the Tricopat’s innovative approach to treatment that leverages the power of cutting-edge technology and fifteen years of innovation and dermatology experience.

Patients will benefit from the use of controlled micro-incisions, which are safer and require less healing than larger incisions, whilst still triggering the dermis repair process. Tricopat takes advantage of radial pressure wave stimulation with high-energy acoustic waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and increase the uptake of active ingredients. The technology also uses iontophoresis to push the TRICOGENESI Hair Growth Factor serum deep into the skin, without any injections.

By introducing Tricopat into your clinic, you open up the possibility of helping a large market of patients who seek a solution to their scalp problems. To discover more about the science behind Tricopat and how it can help your patients, download our brochure or contact us today.

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