Reveal®, VISIA® or Mirror®: Which device is right for your clinic?

Every clinician knows the importance of having imaging software in their clinic. This visual medium not only serves as a vital conversion tool in consultations, but can also be used to analyse the skin, determine treatments and track patients’ progress. The question for many clinicians is not whether or not they need an imager, but rather: which imager is right for my clinic? VISIA®, Reveal® and Mirror® are three industry-leading imaging devices, and below we breakdown which device could satisfy your specific clinical needs. 

If you’re seeking excellent simulations and before-and-afters
Offering a complete suite of image management, tools and simulations, Mirror® is ideal for those wanting an all-rounder, fully integrated device with the means to create powerful before and afters. Boasting image capture and storage directly into patients’ charts and an ability to easily track patients’ progress in one convenient location, Mirror® is a powerful multi-purpose device. For clinicians who heavily rely on simulations and before-and-after visualisations in the consultation phase to manage expectations and convert customers, it’s hard to look past Mirror. 

If you’re seeking a compact, affordable device
If your clinic has limited space and every device’s footprint is therefore important to you, the compact and and portable Reveal® imager could be the device for you. A high-tech facial imaging system that clearly shows your patient the condition of their skin, it is an ideal consultation and customer conversion device for any spa, clinic or skin care counter. The Reveal® Imager features RBX® Technology, Ageing Simulation and analysis tools and can provide detailed visualisation of your patients’ skin’s subsurface melanin, vascular conditions and unique characteristics. Following consultation, clinicians can stay connected with their patients and offer treatment and product recommendations via printed reports and the secure ViewMyConsult® portal. At an affordable price point, Reveal® is also an excellent choice for clinics not wanting a large outlay.

If you’re seeking all the bells and whistles, including unparalleled sun damage assessment  
As one of the most advanced imagers on the market, VISIA® is an extremely comprehensive imager designed for aesthetic and skin care consultations. A newly-designed capture module rotates smoothly around the patient to capture the face from all angles, automatically classifying your client’s skin type with an in-built Skin Analysis function. IntelliFlash® technology and cross-polarised lighting record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions with one quick, automated series of flashes, including wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, pore size and texture. Canfield's RBX® Technology can distinguish between red and brown skin components, providing unequaled visualisation of conditions such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. UV photography also provides the most complete data set available for sun damage assessment and analysis available.

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