How Tricopat is Innovating Scalp Treatments

While all men and women experience some hair loss as they age, studies show that at least 50 per cent of Australian men and 20 per cent of Australian women experience hair loss that is moderate to severe. There are a variety of scalp treatments available for this hair loss, including topical lotions such as minoxidil, drugs such as finasteride, hormone therapies for women and hair transplant surgery, but research has recorded widespread patient dissatisfaction with the results of these traditional hair loss treatments.  

By contrast, Tricopat presents a non-invasive and pain-free trichology technology that is clinically-proven to prevent and reverse hair loss in both men and women. Tricopat achieves this through the unique Skin Patting method. This involves controlled micro-incisions being made to the scalp’s dermis, followed by the delivery of a Hair Factor serum into the skin through ionophoresis, and finally the application of an LED light. The micro-incisions stimulate the body’s natural healing process and enhances microcirculation, the active ingredients in the Hair Factor Growth Treatment serum promote hair growth, and the LED light process causes the production of fibroblasts and elastin to optimise the procedure’s overall efficacy. 

Tricopat offers an arguably superior treatment than other scalp treatment options, with patients experiencing visible results from just four Tricopat treatments, each taken three weeks apart. In a recent clinical trial on 10 male and 10 female patients with androgenic alopecia, Tricopat technology showed a significant improvement in all 20 patients, with reduction of hair loss and an increased hair diameter in all areas of the scalp treated. The study confirmed a fundamental link between Skin Patting and growth factors vehiculated by ionophoresis and an increase in hair regrowth and hair diameter. Furthermore, the study found the Tricopat technique to be safe, non-invasive, simple for the operator and comfortable for the patient.

Tricopat technology provides an effective, non-invasive and clinically-proven treatment that will be very attractive to hair loss patients who are frustrated with the other hair loss treatments available. As a relatively new technology in the Australian market, your clinic will be ahead of the competition by offering trailblazing Tricopat hair loss treatments, which many clinics do not yet offer. The system requires a minimal investment and brings with it a high likelihood of word-of-mouth referrals. Because the system is also user-friendly, you can provide an efficient and effective treatment for your patients while increasing your clinic’s efficiency. 

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