How HairMetrix Sets Your Practice Up For Success

It’s not just men who worry about losing their hair. Approximately 49% of women will be affected by some degree of hair-loss in their lifetimes.  As a result, there is now a bigger demand for hair restoration remedies than ever before.

But before the solution, must come the consultation.

Hair Metrix is the first AI-driven, non-invasive hair consultation technology, developed to provide immediate analysis without clipping the hair. This innovative technology creates the environment for an accurate and immediate consultation with real time results, no outside lab required.

So how does it work? Hair Metrix is easy to operate, with a unique camera touch display and autofocus for precise overview images. The D200EVO dermatoscope swiftly analyses the patient’s scalp without the need to specially prepare the scalp or hair. Rather, the system automatically measures all the key hair indicators and metrics, such as total non-vellus hair count, number of follicular units and terminal-to-vellus hair ratios, using similar analysis tools created and validated by Canfield Scientific for clinical research studies.

The industry-leading technology then delivers an instant in-depth and accurate analysis so practices can create a treatment plan to tackle patients’ hair-loss as efficiently as possible.

With each follow-up appointment, Hair Metrix’s software stores data and displays comparison images so clinicians can objectively track outcomes and discuss progress with their patients in real time. HairMetrix can also create printable reports for easy, immediate analysis by both staff and patient.

This increased efficiency and communication that results from HairMetrix’s ease of use can result in faster conversion of patients to hair services, making the technology an excellent investment for any practice.

The HairMetrix dermatosope provides quality, flexibility, and efficiency all in a compact, hand-held system, revolutionising hair consultations in a way that benefits both practice and patient. To find out more, contact us or download our brochure.

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