Dr Ro Goel: How VECTRA H2 Has Improved My Luxury Cosmetic Clinic

VECTRA H2 is an all-in-one 3D imaging solution that delivers high-resolution images with applications in face, breast, and body aesthetics. An innovative system that represents the Gold Standard in digital imaging, VECTRA H2 is used with great success in cosmetic surgery clinics around Australia. We speak with Dr Ro Goel from Cairns Cosmetic Clinic to find out how the VECTRA H2 has improved the efficacy of his practice.

What is VECTRA H2?

VECTRA H2 uses precision optics to deliver clinicians with enhanced analytics during face, breast and body aesthetic consultations and treatments. The VECTRA H2 system delivers superior 3D digital imaging performance. The system’s innovative raised flash accurately captures skin topography and body contours and utilises markerless tracking of skin features deliver dynamic assessment of skin surface changes.

VECTRA H2 has transformed Dr Ro Goel’s cosmetic clinic

After three months using VECTRA H2 in his leading cosmetic practice, Cairns Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Ro Goel has found the VECTRA H2 system to be invaluable. Firstly, for the system provides outstanding outcome monitoring applications. “With VECTRA H2, we have baseline imaging of our patient’s face, which we can then monitor over months or years to observe even subtle changes. Not only can we look at the face in high resolution 3D, but we can also analyse skin texture and pigmentation. Due to the complex software and high resolution of its Canon SLR camera, we can take detailed images that no other system can compare to.”

VECTRA H2 is also impressive in its ability to improve patient relationships by predicting accurate outcomes. As Dr Ro attests: “Using the Vectra H2 system in my practice improves patient engagement and creates trust as well as loyalty.” In this way, VECTRA H2’s high-resolution imaging abilities allow it to confirm patient improvements as well as encourage future treatments by showing treatment outcomes and building a relationship based on results and trust.

Furthermore, VECTRA H2 offers the opportunity for further clinical improvement and education within your practice. As Dr Ro explains, “No other system comes close in the detail and 3D imaging that the VECTRA H2 system offers. We can see the exact proportions of people’s face and where treatments are best placed.” Through detailed analysis of predictive imaging and analysis of patient outcomes, the VECTRA H2 allows clinicians to improve their skills and practice with every treatment.

Working with Getz Venetix

When you purchase a VECTRA H2, Getz Venetix delivers on-going support and assistance to your clinic. “Getz Venetix have been fantastic at getting me set-up and addressing any technical issues. The system is reliable, and I don’t have any issues with it,” says Dr Ro.

To learn more about how VECTRA H2 can improve your practice and to purchase your VECTRA H2, contact the Getz Venetix team today.

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