As Easy As 3 Flashes: Speeding Up Skin Consultations With VISIA

The sheer volume of skincare products, treatments and procedures available these days is utterly overwhelming – that’s why patients come to you for the answers. VISIA takes away the guessing game of determining what your patients’ skin needs. With just three flashes to the face, VISIA provides an in-depth skin analysis so you know exactly where to begin on creating a treatment plan.

VISIA’s Skin Analysis Technology captures the skin at multiple angles in three lighting modes: IntelliFlash®, cross-polarised, and UV. Creating a map of the face while automatically detecting the patient’s skin type, the technology detects and highlights areas of concern. VISIA’s built-in, customisable Product & Treatment Library then provides clear, targeted recommendations that practitioners can use to skin care treatments and products.

The VISIA Skin Analysis Technology is connected to ‘ViewMyConsult’, an online portal that connects practitioners and their clients and allows clients to monitor their progress, view their pictures and consider treatment possibilities and product recommendations from the convenience of their own home. Analytics are displayed on the dashboard of the portal during client visits, allowing ease of access to information for both patient and practitioner, as the practitioner can break down the data to the patient in easy-to-understand terms. The portal can be accessed via an app on an iPad allows access to a networked database of client images and data from anywhere in the practice, combing full-featured aesthetic consultations, enhanced product recommendations selection and multi-language support with the convenience of a tablet.

“VISIA has transformed our aesthetic consultations. There is no better way to communicate with a patient about their skin condition and the treatment options.”

—Robert A. Weiss, M.D. The Maryland Laser, Skin and Vein Institute

VISIA’s Skin Analysis Technology is changing consultations for the better, improving the communication between practice and patient, increasing access to facilities that put forth treatment possibilities and product recommendations. Due to its speed, the VISIA’s Skin Analysis Technology allows for higher patient treatment and conversion rates.

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