APS is the Aesthetic Device That Can Do It All

The Automatic Patting System (APS®) is a new all-in-one device for face, hair and body treatments, unequalled in the Australian market. With APS®, your patients can say goodbye to their aesthetic concerns and hello to more radiant looking skin as well as a more toned-looking body and healthier scalp. Address every one of your patients’ aesthetic concerns with this device that excels at seven actions:
·    Controlled Microdermabrasion to stimulate collagen and elastin production in skin tissue
·    Acoustic Waves to increase cellular metabolism
·    Transdermal Delivery of active ingredients
·    Vacuum System to keep skin safely engaged with device during treatment
·    Fractional Radiofrequency to visibly lift the skin from the first treatment
·    Electro Stimulation to enhance the lifting effect and increase the absorption of active ingredients
·    Photo Stimulation with blue and red LED light emissions to maximise treatment efficacy, particularly when targeting acne

APS® was developed by a group of leading global scientists based in Italy and is backed by three global patents. Certified by Eurofins, APS® utilises the Skin Patting method, which works by combining micro dermal incision with an acoustic wave. This process increases microcirculation of blood in the treatment areas and stimulates the cell metabolism of tissues, allowing for the effective delivery of the active ingredients contained in each treatment serum.

The Skin patting technology utilised in APS®, along with the variety of treatment serums available, allows users to complete multiple treatments in the one consultation – from face treatments such as anti-wrinkle or anti-spot treatments, to body treatments such as anti-stretch mark treatments or toning treatments. This all-in-one-session flexibility provides clinicians with excellent up-selling potential, increased customer satisfaction, greater clinical efficiency and ultimately a significant return on minimal investment. 

The treatment options for for face, body and hair include: 

·    Ialu-Age – anti-wrinkle treatment
·    Lift-Age – lifting effect treatment
·    Spot Treat – anti-spot treatment
·    Vitilux – anti-dyschromia treatment
·    UV-Defens – cream with SPF50
·    Acne Off – acne treatment

·    Lipo-form – antidiposity treatment
·    Tokinol – toning treatment
·    Stretch Fill – anti-stretch mark treatment
·    Cicatril – scar treatment

·    Hair Factor – hair growth treatment

With APS®’s ability to treat imperfections of the skin, hair and body, this new device represents a true triple threat in the aesthetic industry.  To learn more about the Automatic Patting System® and its endless capabilities, visit our website to download our complimentary brochure today.

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