Alopecia Areata: What it Is and How to Treat it

What is alopecia areata?
Alopecia areata is an auto-immune disease that causes hair loss on the head, and sometimes on the entire body. A condition that can affect all ages and genders, alopecia areata occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, most often resulting in circular patches of hair loss on the scalp. While it’s still not entirely known what directly causes alopecia areata, it is believed that a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors is likely to cause the condition. 

What causes alopecia areata?
The hair loss caused by alopecia areata can understandably have a big emotional impact on individuals and affect their self-image and self-esteem. However, unlike some other types of hair loss, in those with alopecia areata the hair follicles actually remain alive and are merely dormant, waiting to resume normal hair production when they receive the right signal to begin the hair growth process again. This means that for some people with alopecia areata, the hair may grow back on its own. For others, treatment is needed to assist with heathy hair regrowth. 

What treatments are available for alopecia areata?
As an effective and non-invasive solution to hair loss caused by alopecia areata, Tricopat is an invaluable treatment option for clinics specialising in hair loss. Tricopat technology works by combining pressure wave stimulation with ionophoresis-delivered Hair Factor Hair Growth serum to:
·    Stimulate the dermis repair process through controlled micro-incisions
·    Apply radial pressure waves to the scalp, which enhances blood microcirculation and engages cellular metabolism to allow for better intake of active ingredients in the Hair Growth Serum
·    Stimulate the production of fibroblasts and elastin with LED light emission 

How Tricopat works
Tricopat uses a safe system of controlled micro-incisions, which require less surgical time and healing time for patients than larger surgical incisions. In addition, the pressure wave stimulation activates the body’s natural healing process, resulting in more effective treatment results. Lastly, the use of ionophoresis pushes the Growth Factor serum’s active ingredients into the affected area with minimal pain and inflammation, resulting in far higher comfort levels for patients than other hair loss treatments. 

To learn more about how Tricopat can be used for the treatment of alopecia areata, visit our website.

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