Achieve The Before And After Images Your Patients Seek With IntelliStudio©

Alleviate your patients’ anxieties about undergoing cosmetic procedures with high-quality before and after imagery. This predictive imaging has become essential to increasing patient confident in seeking and continuing cosmetic consultations, and IntelliStudio© delivers this with superior technology that is easy to use.

A comprehensive facial and full body imaging system, IntelliStudio© uses a 50MP camera to ensure studio-quality imagery in a conveniently automated process. The fusion of non-polarised and cross-polarised lighting produces essential feature and aesthetic-focused images.

IntelliStudio© also integrates revolutionising HD live video dermoscopy into its functions by providing recording, playback and zooming options with a patient’s imaging exploration. This feature allows clinics to pinpoint key focus areas on a patient in a dynamic way that is not possible with static images alone.

Guiding patient poses and adjusting camera height autonomously, IntelliStudio© provides both the client and patient with a hassle-free and efficient imaging experience. The technology has a motorised and programmable lift to control consistent and calibrated height of images. This reduces the need for human intervention in the imaging process, ultimately allowing clients to focus on the most important task at hand – the patient’s treatment plan.

IntelliStudio’s© automatic patient facial recognition system further improves the consultation process by reducing temporal fatigue, producing accurate positioning for patients and providing consistent, repeatable results. This optimises the valuable time spent with a patient and allows room for deeper discussion on their concern areas and ideal treatment solutions.

Using IntelliStudio© to accurately address patient concerns in a clear visual demonstration, clinicians can expect higher patient confidence and satisfaction, higher conversion rates and more referrals.

To find out more about how IntelliStudio© can optimise patient imaging in your practice, visit our website or download our brochure today.

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