Accelerate Patient Decision And Improve Conversion Rates With ViewMyConsult

After a consultation ends, patients often have further questions regarding their potential procedure. Canfield’s ViewMyConsult is an interactive portal that allows patients to access treatment information once they leave the clinic, and from the comfort of their own home.

By staying connected to your patients as they consider the possibilities of their aesthetic procedures, you can build trust, loyalty, and satisfaction which, together, help generate business growth.

By integrating ViewMyConsult into your clinic’s offering, you can upload consultation photographs and information directly to a secure online portal for your patients to access and share with their family and friends. The information you upload is completely customisable, and you have the option to include additional educational material depending on potential patient requirements and queries.

As patients navigate ViewMyConsult, your practice’s name and contact information will stay fresh in their mind as they consider their treatment options. They will also be updated by automatic email alerts the minute any documentation is uploaded for them.

As well as keeping your patients informed, ViewMyConsult provides you, as a practitioner, with analytics pertaining to how your patients are navigating the portal. From page views, queries and more, you can analyse portal activity to gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ specific needs as well as their level of interest. This knowledge helps to highlight when to check back in with your patients and communicate information dependent on their interests, concerns and motivations.

The first-of-its-kind, ViewMyConsult fosters easy, clear and effective communication between you and your patients. By enabling the consultation to extend beyond the confines of an office, you are able to build trust and accelerate patient decisions.

Through a shared ambition to deliver patient-driven innovation, Venetix has chosen to partner with the global leader in imaging services, Canfield Scientific, Inc. Together, we provide complete imaging solutions which can assist your clinic in redefining the consultation process.

To find out more about how ViewMyConsult can maximise the impact of your consultations, visit our website or download our digital brochure.

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